Boy, that national EAS test sure got people riled up!

Now that the nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System has come and gone, it doesn't hurt to brush up on some of the other alerts you're likely to hear while out in public.

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I just so happen to be a very observant and aware person a.k.a. I'm nosy, so I've always been curious to know the hidden meaning behind those secret codes you hear over the intercom when out in public.

You know, the ones you often hear while shopping at stores like Meijer or Walmart?

I know codes can vary from store to store and they're usually only helpful to the staff, but what can I say? I already told you I'm nosy. Not only that, some of these codes may just save your life!

Take a look at the list of codes below and make note, especially when it comes to the more serious colors, like brown for example:

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