We aren't out of the woods yet. Today is gonna be a challenging day as Michigan is about to face a snow storm front that's going to be sweeping across the state over the course of the next 24 hours. The further down the Lower Peninsula you go, the less likely you will see heavy snow build up. However, certain parts of the state could see 12-18 inches of snow. As reported by Fox 17 earlier:

Most of Michigan, as Kevin Craig from FOX 17 said will see "snow/rain/ice/mix likely across Lower Michigan tonight through Wednesday. Most of the appreciable snow occurs over northern and north/central lower Michigan."

Kalamazoo wont see much over an inch of snow luckily and even if we do, the rain is going to be moving in on Wednesday that should all but melt it out. No clue if this is going to be the very last time we get snow this season, but you gotta believe things will start getting warmer over here. These swim trunks are gonna wear themselves! Go away winter.


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