Did you ever visit a planetarium as a child?

I did. To the point where I could have been labeled a "nerd". I loved learning about the constellations and what the stars were made of.

Lately, though, there seems to be evidence that people never had the privilege of learning about the stars because, as soon as something "odd" is spotted in the night sky, the first conclusion is that it MUST be aliens.

For example, this TikTok video with the hashtags "ufo" and "scary" and "unidentified":

No. That's not a ship. It was, in fact, our neighboring planet, Mars.

Is there anything wrong with believing that something is out there? No. But, more than likely, it's something very reasonable and explainable. You can snag that knowledge first-hand by visiting a planetarium.

Here are at least 5 in Michigan:

Go Star Gazing at These 5 Michigan Planetariums

Truth be told, I haven't been to a planetarium in over a decade. But, it's good to know that I can still sustain my inner nerd with these local planetariums.

You can find even more in the state of Michigan here.

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