During this time of the year growing up in a state like Michigan was always special because of the various forms of nature here. When the seasons change, Michigan is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Photographers have been able to capture this beauty year in and year out, pulling out an array of reactions from Michiganders.

Obviously, Michigan has The Great Lakes but also sand dunes, many nature preserves, long stretches of woods, caves, and more to appeal to the human eye. Many adventurous people will travel into the depths of our state, taking video cameras along to record/snap pictures of whatever they may encounter, and sharing them with the world.

The more change that's occurring, the better the pictures will turn out, just take a look for yourself.

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Chris Ahern is a photographer in Michigan who does work all over the state but mostly in the Metro Detroit area. Chris found himself over in Southwest Michigan, enjoying his photography hobby, when he captured the essence of the fall season in Holland. Holland is one of the cities on the shore of Lake Michigan and provides immaculate vibes when the seasons change.

Chris Ahern Photogrpahy
Chris Ahern Photography

Chris was able to capture some of the most beautiful photos of the everchanging fall forest as the cities along the shore are scattered with wooded areas and the views during this time of year are breathtaking.

As you can see in the images both above and below, there is an array of colors shown including red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and even some blue. These beautiful images had the people sharing their hilarious first-glance thoughts.

Chris Ahern Photography
Chris Ahern Photography

Some of the comments on Facebook about what people saw when first looking at their pictures had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Many users said they "wanted to get a spoon and pour some milk on these photos as they look like bowls of fruity pebbles cereal." While others mentioned that the image looked like some of the most colorful cannabis they had seen and wanted to give it a try.

Someone even brought up that it looks like Superman ice cream and that's the reason the flavor is only available in Michigan. Although Superman is only found here, I don't believe this to be the reason why but this does bring up the blue color seen in the photos. The blue color was a lighting effect as Chris mentioned on Facebook that they were dead trees and not leaves colored blue.

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