We all know the classic saying "Spring Forward" and Fall Back", but now we may never use those phrases again.

Michigan State Rep. Peter Lucido (R-Shelby Township) has introduced a bill to the house that would end daylight saving time for our state. Two years ago, a similar bill was introduced but did not pass. The reasoning behind this bill is a health based issue. Freep.com reported...

"that lost hour of sleep has health and safety experts once again warning that a sluggish Monday can lead to everything from a spike in heart attacks to dangers on the road as the workweek starts again."

Other experts in the medical field disagree with that thought, but at this point the debate is going strong.

It is a proven theory that the average adult needs 7 hours of sleep, well teens and younger need more time slumbering. So losing and hour in the Spring could be hurting us.

Other States That Do Not Acknowledge Daylight Saving Time...
  • Most of Arizona
  • Hawaii
Other States That Have Considered Ending Daylight Saving Time...
  • Alaska
  • Missouri
  • Texas

What do you think about eliminating Daylight Saving Time?

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