Lightning strikes 3 times for a Michigan man.  By lightning I mean a ton of money.

Can you imagine the excitement/relief of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in the lotto?  A Wayne County, Michigan man knows that feeling times 3.  The luckiest man alive wishes to remain anonymous.  But here's what we know.

On May 4th he won $178,078 by matching all 5 numbers in the Fantasy 5.  Back in March he won $105,000 playing the same lotto.  But that's pocket change.  In 2009, he won $499,907 also playing the Fantasy 5.  Does this guy know something that we don't?

The Detroit Free Press was wondering the same thing that we're wondering,

So what's a guy gonna do with all that loot?

"I'll stash this money away and let it help me with my bills and retirement," he told lottery officials Tuesday in Lansing where he claimed his winnings.

Each Fantasy 5 play is $1. Players select five numbers out of 39. Players who match all five win the jackpot that starts at a minimum of $100,000.

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