A man in Troy, Michigan shot at the Zion Church then called the police to tell them why.  The why, is out of this world.

Church shootings are nothing to joke about.  But this is odd.  According to Fox 2,

Surveillance video shows a gunman driving to the front of Zion Church, pointing a laser and shooting out front window around 5 a.m. The bullet pierced through the glass and then hit the drywall, and the gunman drove off.

Had the gunman arrived at the church less than an hour later many innocent people could have been hurt.  The church opened their daycare at 6 am.

The reason why the suspect shot at the church is the strangest part of this story.  He told police that the Zion Church was an alien spaceship for reptiles.  Police were able to trace the call and make an arrest.

With all of the terrible news about mass shootings, we're all thankful that nobody was hurt in this incident.

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