If you're looking to get possible food poisoning, and at a terrible price at that, on Muskegon man is selling one heck of a cheeseburger right now that's sure to fulfill all your indigestion needs. Discovered yesterday while browsing the marketplace, this bitten of burger is going for cheap price of only $9 ( retailed at $1.50). The man is clearly trying to be funny or he's seriously lost his marbles as the description for the listing reads:

This burger is top notch and in pristine condition it comes with 2 meat patties and a slice of cheese and some extra cheese on the wrapper you can't find no better deal than this best Arby's burger in town.
If you're interested in possibly getting scammed out of $9, or just plain wanna eat someone's old McDouble for the sake of getting a few days off of work, you can go ahead and check out the listing here. But act fast, I'm sure there are tons of people who are sending him offers.

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