Sometimes you love a violent bat carrying TV character so much you name your son after him.

We all drawl inspirations from different places when naming our newborn babies.  Some choose a beloved grand parent, time of year or even favorite place.  Only in Michigan would a guy choose a TV character who has anger management issues and needs a curse jar.  According to,

In the letter hacks section of The Walking Dead #181, published July 4, ‘Justin from Michigan’ thanked Kirkman for creating the foul-mouthed bad guy-turned-anti-hero for inspiring the name of his newborn baby boy.  “I wanted to write in to let ya’ll know that my wife and I named our son Negan. He was just born on April 24th at 7 lbs 15 oz,” Justin wrote. “He is perfectly healthy and strong. I think Negan is a powerful and unique name. Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t believe my wife agreed to it! If only people would realize I named him after this comic and NOT the TV Show...”

As a person that was born and raised in Michigan, I am very curious which part of the glove this Walking Dead fan lives.  I can't seem to find information on newborn Negan or his father Justin.  Can anyone help?  If you know who this let us know in the comments.



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