After a police chase through two Michigan counties, the suspect was found taking a McNap.

The Carson City Police and Gratiot County Sheriff's began to pursue a suspect in Carson City, Michigan a couple days ago which lead to a long chase according to,

The pursuit crossed over into Saginaw County and it was requested Saginaw County Sheriff's Deputies takes over.

Law Enforcement called off the chase to keep people safe during trick-or-treating in Chesaning, MI.  De-escalating when you can likely find a suspect in a safer situation is always a smart way to go and it paid off.  Saginaw County Sheriff's Deputies did end up finding the suspects car crashed into a fence.  Then the local police ended up finding the man and nobody was hurt.  But, where they found him was a little unexpected. McDonald's.

After a little old school investigating, the Chesaning Police found out the man had been given a ride a local McDonald's.  That is where they found the suspect having a little nap.  I guess running from the police can really take it out of you.

The suspect is now nice and comfortable at the Carson City jail.  There's no word on why the police were chasing the man in the first place or if he enjoyed some salty fries before his arrest.

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