Who saw this coming?

Michigan's first indoor cannabis lounge just opened its doors in Kalkaska, a small town of just over 2000 people. The lounge, fittingly named Kalkushka, will be offering a legal, indoor area where people can smoke marijuana, according to 9and10news.com.

Wait, Like the Smoking Rooms of the Past?

Kind of.

Prior to 2010, at least in Michigan, it was perfectly legal to smoke cigarettes indoors although, it does seem like a lifetime ago when restaurant hosts would ask, "Smoking or non-smoking," for your seating preference.

Going even further into the past, smoking lounges were very common even in the home where residents and guests alike could sit down for an after-dinner cigarette. After indoor smoking was banned throughout the country, I recall indoor Hookah lounges growing in popularity. No doubt, as it becomes more common, indoor marijuana lounges will follow suit.

How Many Currently Exist in the United States?

While Kalkushka is a first in Michigan, it's hardly the first cannabis lounge in America. States like California, Colorado, and Massachusetts have been operating legal marijuana lounges for at least a few years. Here's a list of at least 7.

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In fact, Chicago just opened its first marijuana lounge on 4/20 with great success. Slowly, they are becoming a "normal" thing.

How Does This Work?

Kalkushka simply offers the space for you to legally smoke weed. They don't actually sell the product. However, they do have a companion dispensary that is located right next door. Or, you can bring your own. You're also welcome to bring your own gear/devices for smoking. While they don't sell marijuana, they do sell snacks and some beverages. But, no alcohol.

There's also a small cover charge of $10 but that doesn't limit your time in the lounge. According to their website, you can stay as long as you'd like (as long as you don't appear to have overindulged). As well, there's a membership that costs $35 a month or $420 (I see what you did there) a year. That gives members unlimited visits and entry to events.

If you'd like to book the space for a special event or party, they offer that too. See more on their official website.

It's funny how things come back in "style". From bell bottoms to crop tops to, now, smoking lounges. It's definitely an interesting and yet bizarre thing to witness.

No doubt, with Kalkushka's success, more legal, marijuana smoking lounges will become prevalent not just in Michigan but wherever the drug is recreationally legalized. Speaking of "getting high", check out all of these high spots in Kalamazoo:

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