The Michigan Historical Marker Program was first established in 1955 and has been putting up those familiar green and gold signs across the state ever since!

Today the program has grown to include significant Michiganders, historic architecture, and notable schools but if you're curious to explore the finer minutiae of all 1,793 historical markers across the Mitten, then you'll definitely want to check out this site.

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Despite having been born and raised in the West Michigan area, as a young adult there was a good chunk of time I spent living outside the Mitten. I found myself out in the Heartland states like Nebraska and Missouri; places I essentially had zero knowledge of.

via Michigan DNR/Michigan History Center
via Michigan DNR/Michigan History Center

Needless to say I spent much of my time out there visiting museums and playing tourist to learn about my new home. However, it made me realize I never really spent much time doing the same in my own home state of Michigan, but hat's changing starting right now.

Mi History

In conjunction with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan History Center has a website where you can locate and learn the story behind each of Michigan's historical markers-- all 1,793 and counting!

Lauren G/TSM
Lauren G/TSM

Of the interactive web application, the Michigan History Center writes,

Learn about Michigan's fascinating history! Explore the map by navigating to an area of interest, filtering the points, or adjusting the map layers. Browse the list view by sorting fields or searching for keywords.

So you're able to get as detailed as you want. Search by county, time period, or you can even search by "theme" such as African-American history, the auto industry, or maritime history.

Honestly, this historical marker website is a great way to kill time and learn a little something about your surroundings in the process. The website is still a work in progress so if you have anything to add or share, or any corrections to make, contributions are always appreciated.

Check out the website here.

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