A small town teacher got a golden ticket and is headed to Hollywood.

19-year-old homeschool teacher Genavieve Linkowski from Atlas Twp. Michigan blew American Idol Judges away with her recent addition for the show! Mlive reported what the star-studded panel had to say about this young lady.

Katie Perry told news sources that...

Genavieve's voice was really impressive and that if she is open to molding and coaching, she has a lot of potential.

Lionel Richie reacted to Genavieve performance by stating...

The first time I heard a voice like this, raw and absolutely blew me away, (it was) a little girl (who) walked out onto stage, appeared to be as shy as she possibly could, opened up her mouth, and the curtains started shaking. It was Celine Dion. And your high register reminded me of her, and I am paying you big props."

Luke Bryan told Genavieve...

You just had magic in your voice. I don't know how to describe it, but you've just got magic in you. It's raw. It's just got magic in you."Be careful, you're going to go high in this thing. I'm calling it."

Genavieve is the oldest of 9 siblings and is sure to make her entire family proud this season. Mlive quoted the rising star as saying...

"I can't wait to perform on the stage. How awesome is that going to be. I'm really, really excited to have my golden ticket. Finally.

We can't wait to see her shine!


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