Owner of a Detroit Food Truck says she doesn't feel safe serving police officers.

In a clearly controversial move, Rocky Coronado said that for the safety of her customers and herself she will not serve law enforcement from her food truck Rocky's Road Brew according to Fox2Detroit.

Kevin Matthews of Selden, NY posted this as a review on the food truck's facebook page,

Place is awful. Disgusting food. Roaches every where. Staff is rude and disrespectful! Horrible!! Horrible!! Horrible!! Don’t waste your money!

Jeffery Stevens of Lake Charles, LA left a review on their facebook page that is very difficult to believe,

Maggots, roaches, filth, terrible food and smelly staff who are stupid and rude...For starters.

Kara Bergland of Illinois let this review Saturday afternoon,

Horrible service. Disrespectful, bigoted staff. Not a place you want to take your family to.

It's unclear if there was some sort of personal run in with the police department or if this is a reaction to the many news stories of police brutality.  Rocky's Road Brew has received a lot of hate in the form of bad reviews on it's facebook page since the announcement.  Oddly enough, its almost all from far away cities.

It's a risky stance to take in today's political climate.  There must be more to the story that the public doesn't know yet.  What do you think of her choice to not serve law enforcement?  Let us know in the comments.



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