I have to be honest. I've been in Michigan for nearly three years, and this is the first time I've seen the state flag. So, maybe this lawmaker has a point.

In Grand Rapids, Rep. Phil Skaggs is hoping to change the design of the flag to make it more unique and special, according to ourmidland.com.

Let's Talk About the Current Flag

The current Michigan flag looks like this:

Via/ Canva
Via/ Canva

At first glance, you might wonder what anything on that flag has to do with the state of Michigan. But, upon closer inspection, it does make some sense.

The image features a deer, a moose, a bald eagle, and what looks like Bigfoot hiking near a river (I know it's just a regular hiker, not Bigfoot. But, a girl can dream). Since I don't speak Latin, I took to Google to figure out what the phrases on the flag mean.

Throw that all together and the Michigan flag says, I will defend this beautiful peninsula that you look around and see. Or, something along those lines. Learn more below:

What's Wrong with the Current Flag?

Nothing. It's just, perhaps, a bit dated. Or, at least that's what Rep. Phil Skaggs is saying. It does date back to 1865, according to michigan.gov.

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With that in mind, Rep. Skaggs plans to introduce a bill at the end of this month (April 2023) that would designate a commission to create a new design by consulting experts and the public. The flag would then be voted on.

But, you better be careful when letting the public decide on a new design. It's a lesson we all should have learned after the Boaty McBoatface incident.

If a new flag design is passed, we may see a new Michigan flag sooner than we think. Once we do get a new flag, I guess we'll have to hang it here...on Michigan's tallest flagpole:

Michigan's Tallest Flagpole

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