If getting butt naked in the back of a car to bump uglies is your thing, maybe don't do it at the police station.

I don't know if this couple decided to hide in plain sight or they're just plain stupid.  The young, let's call them 'passionate' couple were steaming up the windows in their car at the Birmingham police headquarters when they were discovered according to the smokinggun.com,

A patrolman last Thursday pulled into the parking lot of police headquarters around 12:15 AM and spottedan “unknown vehicle” that was running and situated in a “municipal vehicles only” spot.

Upon approaching the auto, the cop “noticed the rear windows were fogged up” and the car’s two inhabitants--a 25-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man--were naked in the back seat.

I want to be careful not to sound like I'm encouraging public sex.  At the same time, I'm not here to sex shame.  However, there may be 3.5 million better places in and around Birmingham, Michigan that you can do the two back monster.  Why on earth would you chose the parking lot of a police department?

The couple were charged with disorderly conduct and a very embarrassing Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

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