This story is so ironic because just yesterday I witnessed a woman almost cause an accident because her little Chihuahua was trying to squirm out her arms as she pulled into Meijer.

This is the exact situation Michigan Law makers want to avoid as they move to pass a law which will ban pet owners from having them on the driver's seat while the vehicle is being operated.

Michigan State Representative LaTayna Garrett of Detroit  has introduced House Bill 5277, which would prohibit a pooch from sitting on its pet parents lap, while their Mom or Dad is driving behind the wheel, according to WXYZ of Detroit.

DePorre Veterinary Hospital's veterinarian Dr. Corey Gut agrees that this bill is long passed due:

I’ve had clients that have been in car accidents before. Legit, have been in serious car accidents. One client who totaled her car, because they had their pet in their lap.

If the bill passes fines for first time offenders could be as high as $100, while repeating offenders could face a $200 fine. Stay safe behind the wheel.


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