After destroying the real-life business Blockbuster, Netflix started a series about the fall of the franchise and then ended that as well, effectively ruining Blockbuster twice in a matter of 20 years.

After just one season on the streaming platform the series will be buried forever due to a lack of viewers, prompting producers and Netflix executives to say that the viewership didn't warrant the production costs to keep the series going, but Michigan has to be part of the problem too, right?

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In what was supposed to be a nostalgic-invoking and cultural phenomenon, Blockbuster was the complete opposite and turned out to be a dud. As the series only cracked the top 10 in streaming views in Australia and Canada, but not surmounting to much outside of that.

Also, with names like JB Smoove, Randall Park, and more the series needed to have a much better debut to support the actors and production. Other than the clear viewership woes, critics also didn't understand the lack of comedic value, had strange opinions about the internet, and had no clear topic or plot.

Although, if you ask me, I think those reasons are all cover ups and the true reason has to deal with where the series was set. There's no way that Michigan isn't a part of the reason why this series flopped.

Michigan Messed Up Again

I'm totally convinced that Michigan is the true reason or at least a fraction of the issue because when do we ever do anything right here. We literally only fooled ourselves thinking we were worthy enough for the last blockbuster.

Let's be honest here, we may love Michigan but it's just not popular enough of a state to garnish extra views off the name alone. Imagine if this series took place in California, Texas, New York, or even Florida, I feel like they would've gotten a better local reaction which would boost viewership as well.

We may think that we are far from average here in the mitten state but to lots of the out of staters, we're as basic as it gets. Which feeds into the idea that they wouldn't be inclined to watch something set in Michigan (unless it's in Detroit) whereas a smaller city in Texas or California could do numbers.

At the end of the day, it's out fault as a state for not being more popular, we had a chance to save Blockbuster and we blew it. For the rest of eternity, we'll have to hold the weight of being the true silver bullet that killed Blockbuster.

Michigan isn't always terrible when it comes to the big screens, there are plenty of movies or TV shows you can watch that are set here in Michigan. Maybe you can have a marathon as you get snowed in this weekend starting with Blockbuster as you can check out the trailer below.

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