In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, two school districts in Michigan are now utilizing electric school buses. Some of the first in the country.

The idea for electric school buses started in California in 2014. The state went on to purchase dozens more in 2020 but then the pandemic hit rendering them unnecessary for the time being. However, just last week a total of 6 electric school buses were received by Ann Arbor and Roseville school districts thanks to a partnership with DTE as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

While the majority of students have yet to resume in-person classes, these new, electric buses are currently being used to distribute and deliver food for those who need it. And, of course, when in-person learning returns they'll also be used to transport students to and from school.

It's a small start, just a few buses per school county, but the differences will be huge. Here are just a few of the benefits expected over the lifetime of these buses according to DTE:

  • they will save 500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • they will potentially save the schools more than 40% in expenses on fuel and maintenance
  • they're also one step further towards a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 set by DTE

Roseville Community Schools Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski was quoted saying,

We are excited to partner with DTE Energy to help provide a cleaner environment. From runs to and from school each day, to delivering food to families during this pandemic, to giving our auto tech students a chance to see the future of transportation up close, these buses will help to ensure we are serving the school community in whatever ways are needed

This is just a step, a moving part of a much bigger plan set in place by Governor Gretchen Whitmer who wants to have the entire state of Michigan carbon neutral by the year 2050.

As someone who has been dreaming about flying, electric cars ever since I saw the movie the Fifth Element at far too young an age (I guess the Jetsons would be an influence as well), I applaud this step in what feels like the right direction.

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