Cincinnati Police have closed parts of Mt. Airy Forest due to men cruising for sex.

Local residents out walking their dogs or hiking in Cincinnati's largest park have stumbled upon men having sex on the trails and in the park restrooms.  Haven't our dogs seen enough.  First they have to sit across the room from their human while they make sweet love.  Now they have to watch human on human action when they go to the park?

All jokes aside, this can be a serious matter as many families bring their kids to this park.  There is a reason in the uptick of "action" in this park according to,

A park employee told Local 12 men are using the dating app Grindr to arrange the trysts in the park. It’s busy early in the morning and then traffic picks up after 3 p.m.

Regulars of the park said the people arranging meetings signal they are there looking for sex by backing into parking spaces.

As a person that tends to back into parking spots, it never occurred to me that I'm signalling to others that I'm look for relations.  Note taken!

Before you read this story and turn this into a gay thing.  I think it's important to point out this is a "man" thing not a "gay" thing.  When you don't have a woman in your life to tell you to stop it, you can end up charged with indecent exposure.  With that being said...Ohio, stop it!

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