At only 16 months old J.J. is truly the MVP of the games played at Jimmy John's field in Utica, Michigan.

Sporting events can be full of surprises; streakers, the goose loose on the field, or that marriage proposal that every girl dreams of. Yet, nothing is more surpriseing or more wonderful that the United Shore Professional Baseball League's 'bat boy''s a Golden Retriever named J.J.

JJ's handler Dana Schmitt, who is also COO of the USPBL told

"He's a pretty athletic dog. He visits all of the picnic areas, all of the suites and all of the concourse where people take pictures with him. He does a lot throughout the course of a game."


Here's what he does at every game:

  • Meet & Greets before the game
  • 1st inning - takes flowers to a woman in the stands, the "sweetheart of the game"
  • 3rd inning - takes water to the field umpire
  • 4th inning - retrieves players bats from the home plate area
  • He will also catch Frisbees and walk around the ball park meeting fans

J.J. trained for over a year in Ohio for this gig and he is still learning on the job; it has to a special pup to do this job. The dog must have a kind temperament to deal with all the children, but he also must be strong to lift the bats.

With J.J.'s first season kicking off, everyone is wishing him luck and personally I can't wait to see his work!


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