Michigan is known for its nature, from the beautiful lakes to the large sand dunes to even the hidden gems that are found in the woods, in abandoned places, and even near the farms and fields. With a large number of farms, woods, and other nature that don't exist within the city, there are tons of dirt roads running through the state. Sometimes, these dirt roads provide some of the best finds that most didn't know were there.

There is the abandoned, old, and interesting places in Michigan group page on Facebook, where users can join the group and interact with each other as they share places within the mitten state that grabbed their attention. From abandoned buildings, schools, and malls to old restaurants, train cars, and trails, to the side street gems.

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Recently, Nick Irwin, a photographer who posts within the group, found something that most of us in the group hadn't seen before. This wasn't one of the normal finds like an old schoolhouse, hidden pathway, or old restaurant, this was instead a unique creation. As he was driving down a dirt road, he had to slam on his brakes and blow up a dust cloud, as this invention had all his attention. It's like it was calling his name to come to introduce himself and take some pictures. Nick found himself face to face with Bob the Tin Cow.


Bob is a cow that is made up of tin cans and metal that was painted black and white and assembled to resemble the wonderful farm animal. Bob is known by those within his small Bitely, Michigan community as they are used to riding by and seeing Bob hanging out in the front yard. Many group members commented under the photo that it is a leftover landmark from "Camp Bob Rodeo", a rodeo that would be brought onto the farm during labor day weekend as there were stands a concession stand on the property as well.

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