McDonald's is bringing back their legendary Szechuan dipping sauce for a very limited one-day celebration. And there are just three Kalamazoo area restaurants that will have it available.

Szechuan sauce was served beginning in 1998 as a dipping sauce for Chicken McNuggets as a tie-in with the Disney movie Mulan. According to McDonalds Wiki,

On June 19th, 1998, The Walt Disney Company released their animated feature film Mulan, the story of a brave daughter who posed as a man and enrolled into the Chinese military to take her wounded father's place in the fight against the Hun invasion. To coincide with the upcoming Disney film, McDonald's released a new limited-time condiment, Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce. It was created to mimic traditional Chinese Szechuan Sauce, and it came complete with Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets and one out of a set of eight Mulan toys. After the promotion, the sauce was removed from all McDonald's restaurants.

The sauce is making a return after being featured in the animated series Rick and Morty. Being featured in the series prompted McDonalds to resurrect the long lost sauce. The Miami New Times reports,

Though the fast-food giant didn't partner with the Rick and Morty team, it acknowledges the part the creators of the show played in the decision to revive the special sauce. "Justin Roiland and the Rick and Morty show have had a lot of enthusiasm for our Szechuan Sauce. In fact, this year it became a pop culture phenomenon. We took inspiration from their passion, and we just couldn’t resist bringing back the sauce in limited quantities for our customers to enjoy for the first time since 1998."

Kalamazoo Area McDonalds Featuring Szechuan Sauce

There are just three McDonalds restaurants in the Kalamazoo area that are slated to have Szechuan Sauce on October 7.

  • 5394 West Main, Kalamazoo
  • 3320 S. Westnedge, Kalamazoo
  • 1260 W. Michigan, Marshall

First Taste of Szechuan Sauce

YouTube food reviewer Daym Drops had a chance to get his hands on the Szechuan sauce a few days early.

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