All signs and drive-thru speakers have been removed from the McDonald's on Riverview Drive in Kalamazoo.  What's going on?

Someone told me they went to the McDonald's at 830 Riverview Drive in Kalamazoo Sunday Morning, October 31st, and very strange things were going down,

Both drive-thru lanes were blocked.  When I drove around I saw a woman in the first drive-through window stuffing her face with food.  When I made it around the front of the building I saw another employee walking through the lobby area.

The Kalamazoo resident went on to tell me that on her way home from work the next day she noticed the McDonald’s name was ripped off the front of the building.

Dana Marshall
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Multiple Taco Bell locations in Southwest Michigan have temporarily closed for renovations over the last year, but this seems different.  When Taco Bell had renovations, there was an abundance of signage informing customers of what was going on and where the nearest location was.  This McDonald's has no signage at all.  There is also no information on their website or the Facebook page which is specific to this location.  Wednesday the restaurant was still on the McDonald's website.  By Thursday Morning the Riverview Drive restaurant is no longer listed.

If you go there now you will find all McDonald's signs and the drive-thru menus and speakers have all been removed.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

Many large appliances have been moved from the kitchen to the lobby area.

Dana Marshall

It's worth noting that this McDonald's location did have a very bad reputation.  They have a 1.8 star out of 5 rating on Facebook, 1.5 on yelp, and a 2.1 on Restaurantji.  Most of the negative reviews seem to be related to poor customer service.

Is the restaurant closed for good or about to renovate? If anyone has answers, please let us know in the comments.  We've reached out to McDonald's via their website and haven't heard back at the time this article was published.

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