One of the oddest designed fast food restaurants has been discovered in Ohio by a Michigander and I don't think we'll ever look at fast food restaurants the same again. David Benvenuto was on a road trip when he swung by a McDonalds in Independence, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland when he discovered there was a McDonalds which was in a building that closely resembles a mansion, donned with chandeliers and columns, basically everything you'd expect from a lavish home, not a McDonalds. In a post on Facebook, he was heartbroken to find out he couldn't get the full experience:

On our way to Pittsburgh for the holiday weekend - my brother and I stopped at the McMansion outside of Cleveland! We were so excited and then discovered their lobby is closed right now. More like McFML
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The location for the McMansion is at 6201 Brecksville Rd.Independence, OH, 44131. Known to some as the "White House" of McDonalds, I don't think we have anything this exquisite in Michigan, at least in the way of fast food dining. 
It turns out that this isn't the only McDonalds in the country with the "Bougie" treatment, as the Denton House in New Hyde Park in New York is also a McMansion. Built in 1795 as a farmhouse, it was converted in the 1860s to a Georgian-style mansion and  is currently a McDonald's restaurant. In fact, it was dubbed the "most beautiful" McDonald's in the U.S.. We have a long way to go if we want to beat that.

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