No dumping allowed!

This, this right here is what Michigan needs more of-- community leaders who fight for the common good, even if that means getting their hands dirty. That's exactly what the Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan did!

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Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud, who became the city's first Arab American and Muslim mayor in 2021, recently launched a "Clean the Streets" campaign in an effort to create a more clean and welcoming city.

Hammoud, who announced the campaign last month, shared on social media,

Together, let's tackle this issue head-on and build a more beautiful Dearborn

The Mayor says he keeps extra trash bags in his car and has been spotted getting down and dirty throughout the streets of Dearborn, but it was his response to a "serial dumper" that's drawing the attention of news outlets across the state!

Return to Sender

According to The Detroit News Hammoud was enjoying dinner with his family last week when he was alerted that the serial dumper was in the process of making their nightly trash deposit in a local park.

Said Hammoud,

This is unacceptable...This invites rats. This is disrespectful to the whole neighborhood.


That's when Hammoud gathered his trash bags, collected the litter and garbage, and then walked it over to the culprit's doorstep! The guilty party then got a stern and strongly worded lecture AND a $500 citation-- well deserved, I feel!

As a Millennial I grew up as part of the Green Generation who are very conscientious of our effects on the environment. Heck, "reduce, reuse, recycle" is practically my mantra.

Hopefully this person has learned their lesson; even if they haven't taken the message to heart, maybe their wallet will!

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