Kalamazoo residents, get ready to freak out. It may be helpful news to those of us on the west side of Michigan that Marshall's finally plans on opening their online store this year. Helpful in the fact that the Marshall's on W.Main is the only of its kind in West Michigan. Now Marshall's will have a reach with anyone with internet. What we know so far is limited but we do know they plan on having items that are unique to the online store, according to Cosmo.

TJX Companies CEO Ernie Herrman spoke with investors in regards to the starting date of their online store stating: "Sometime this year, if all goes according to plan. Although we don’t have a specific date. The company is shooting for a launch date in the back half of this year. While Marshalls’ online offerings will certainly be similar to what’s available in stores, you shouldn’t expect to find the same exact products in both places. “We look at [the online store] as complementary.”


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