With the news that Spirit Halloween does plan on setting up shop once again for the 2020 season, and all of our summer concerts and events being cancelled, I think I'm just about done with summer and ready to take that leap into fall. All that means one thing, I'm ready for Halloween. I'm ready to decorate, hand out candy, and go all out this year. I saw a post on a group page on Facebook the other day which inspired thisfeeling because I think it may be the creepiest Halloween decoration EVER.

This picture was taken by Carrie Stevens while she was at the Goodwill in Marshall of a pumpkin with a not so subtle design carved into it. Actually, it was more merged than anything. She shared it on the "Weird Secondhand Things That Just Need To Be Shared" Facebook page:

Carrie Stevens via Facebook
Carrie Stevens via Facebook

Now if this friggin' thing doesn't give you haunting nightmares then you've got a few loose. There were actually people on the page who think these things are cute. Cute? This thing probably floats around at midnight asking you to be its mommy. Either way, you can't deny how absolutely terrifying this little thing is. I may have to hit up the internet to find just how much these cost, as I'm sure someone will buy this, if they haven't already.

Last year, Meijer actually had a sweet Halloween decoration selection that I put a little money into. Let's hope they come back with more like this...

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