$316 million jackpot was up for grabs but who won?

Last night as many tuned in to see the Mega Millions Lottery drawing they were sadly disappointed to discover that due to "technical difficulty" the drawing would be delayed. According to Mlive,

the drawing to be halted temporarily meaning the regularly scheduled drawing at 11 p.m. EST, did not occur as planned Tuesday night.

When the drawing didn't happen, players were left unsatisfied Of course, they understood that a malfunction in the lottery process occurred, they were just excited to now the outcome! We are discussing a $316 million jackpot.

It was just after midnight that the announcement of the winning numbers happened.

Here are the numbers you have been waiting to know!

The winning numbers are: 11-59-66-67-68

Mega Ball: 18

Megaplier: 4

It has not yet known if there is a winner for this jackpot, but whoever lands this pot of gold sure is lucky!

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