Kevin Freeman made a personal goal of his a few years ago to eat at a Taco Bell in every state, and even though it took him two years, he accomplished the goal. Taco Bell even recently interviewed him about the experience to understand why he wanted to accomplish this goal. During the interview, he said that one of the best parts of the experience happened in Michigan, stating: "My girlfriend Andrea and I are long-distance, her being in Rhode Island and me being in New Mexico. We’d try to have a plan once a month to see each other, often in a state that we hadn’t gotten to yet, and check out the local scenes, breweries, and national parks. Concerts helped a lot too; Our favorite bands lured us on a 10-hour road trip to Michigan."

I reached out to Kevin to find out which Taco Bell in Michigan he hit up. Turns out he visited Detroit in the dead of winter-spring. He told me, "I went to one in Detroit on 8 Mile last April, right as y’all got a severe ice storm (Yep, that's Michigan alright) HAHA. It was an experience. I know for sure that I saw (the bands) Moose Blood and Lydia while I was over there." Kevin has set the bar pretty high for those willing to attempt his courageous Taco bell journey. Way to go Kev!

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