A man from Kalamazoo will be competing on the next season of Big Brother set to premiere on July 7th.

Meet Xavier Prather. Although he lives in Wisconsin now, he's originally from Kalamazoo.

Prather is an attorney who describes himself as, "fun loving, personable, and confident." Qualities that will, hopefully, win him some popularity as he tries to go for that $500,000 cash prize.

He has had an interesting life to be sure. He's one of 11 kids. He started his life with a club foot and had to learn how to walk in a cast. And, he loves animals!

Okay quick! What color was the dog? 

You can read more about Xavier's past, his strategy for winning the game and more here.

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Locally, it seems that Xavier already has some fans. A post on Reddit announced Xavier's involvement in the next season of Big Brother and asked if anyone knows him personally. The responses?

jlgoodin78 wrote: That is an unfairly handsome man.

And pastellix commented: I don't know him, but that pic makes me kinda wish I did.

Again, Big Brother 23, or BB23, premieres on July 7th. You can follow Big Brother on Facebook for updates or follow Xavier Prather's Instagram here. Good luck, Xavier! We'll be rooting for you.

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