When I saw this home I thought that it, for sure, had to be the most expensive in the area. But, then again, I was looking at the Zillow listings for Mackinac Island so I should have known better.

Even if it's not the most expensive Mackinac Island home currently listed on Zillow, this mansion, at 6596 Huron Rd., is still a picture of elegance. It's listed by Patrick Leavy at Kidd & Leavy Real Estate Co. LLC who can be reached at 231-838-6700.

For $2,999,999, this Victorian-style mansion includes:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 5 full bathrooms
  • Walnut flooring
  • Basketball court
  • 2 crystal chandeliers
  • Victorian furniture and lighting
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Honestly, scrolling through the pictures it's almost as if you're being transported back in time to 1887 when the home was originally built. Fun fact: that's the same year that the Grand Hotel opened its doors. Oh, and for all of the fellow millennials that remember Beauty and the Beast as their favorite movie strictly because of the library...this one is for you. The home also includes its own library.

Let's take a tour:

At $3 Million, This Home Still Isn't The Most Expensive on Mackinac Island

This home, while not the most expensive on Mackinac Island, still features many of the Victorian-style features one would expect from a mansion built in 1887.

Now, wait just a minute. This Zillow listing says that there's a basketball court AND a library included with this home and yet, there were no provided pictures of either. However, there were close to 50 shots of the house all of which you can see on the original Zillow listing.

By the way, the most expensive home currently (as I write this on 6/22/22) for sale on Mackinac Island is over $5 Million. So really, in those standards at least, this 5/5 mansion is almost a steal.

Quite the opposite for this Victorian Era home that's definitely...not haunted. Right?

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