It's a sad day for another staple in our community, as Mackenzie's Cafe & Bakery has decided they will be closing their doors for good on December 24th. It's been a very tough year for small businesses but this decision seems to have come despite the pandemic ravaging many businesses across the state. In a letter that was posted with a sympathetic message on Shakespeare's Pub's Facebook page, The letter explains the difficult decision to close at the end of the month:

In the 40 years since my family opened of West Main Street you have welcomed us into the Kalamazoo Community. We still treasure the support our customers provided then, and remain grateful for the warm relationships formed over the years. We will miss you and remain thankful for all the memories generated since 1980. It has been a privilege to serve you.

With that note it's safe to assume that both locations will be closing. Once nominated as one of the best bakeries in Kalamazoo, their closing has an affect on many other local shops. Shakespeare's even mentions how at one time their bakery provided food for their menu:

MacKenzies' Bakerywas a weekly stop for me. Every Thursday I got Cashew Chicken Pasta with a Struan roll. When my mother would visit me, we always bought loaves of Struan Bread.I can’t count the number of times I bought sugar frosted cookies for the servers from here. For a short time, Shakespeare’s sandwich bread was baked by these wonderful people.
We'll miss another staple of our community, hoping new businesses can prosper in this tough time.
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