Lowe's just sent a very dangerous message to its employees by firing a delivery driver for this video.

Recently a young Lowe's delivery driver in Illinois attempted to do his job by dropping of a washer and dryer at a customer's home.  Then the customer blocked her door and said, "you're not going anywhere" and "I work for the police department honey."  She was apparently angry that he was there 15 minutes early.  The young man explained that he had 15 more deliveries and 220 miles to cover that day.  She did not care.

The former Lowe's delivery driver named Corey remained surprisingly calm through the whole situation as the customer seemed to get more unreasonable as time went on.  Yes, you read that correctly, former Lowe's employee.  Lowe's fired the driver after he posted his video of this criminal act on TikTok.  The original video has since been taken down from his TikTok.  However, Reddit picked up the story with a screengrab of the video, and then the Young Turks show, Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey, covered the incident as you can see in the video below.

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It is important to point out that the original video did show the customer's personal information on the Lowe's paperwork that he is holding while filming.  His manager allegedly fired him to prevent a lawsuit.

Many are concerned that Lowe's missed the mark by ignoring the fact that their employee was attempting to do his job when he was not permitted to leave until he met the customer's demands to wait for her plumber to show up among other demands.  In fact, I've never seen a crime fit the description of the law so well.  Below is the wording for Sec 10-4 Forcible Detention according to the Illinois Government website,

A person commits the offense of forcible detention when he holds an individual hostage without lawful authority for the purpose of obtaining performance by a third person of demands made by the person holding the hostage.

Not only did Lowe's not help in this situation or back him afterward.  They fired him and threatened to sue him.  There is no word on if the customer is under investigation or if she does in fact work for the police department.


This is not an associate of Lowe’s. Lowe’s is not involved in any employment action involving this individual and is unaware of any legal action being taken against him.


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