Little Miss Lucy paid us a visit today for Dog Days. Of course, using the term 'little' may be a bit deceptive.

Lucy, a Bernese Mountain Dog and Doodle mix, may only be 5 months old...but she's GROWN.

TSM/Chelsea Rose

How big will she get? It's hard to tell. But one thing I can guarantee...if you show this dog even the slightest hint of love you'll have a best friend for life.

As soon as she came through the door she was at Dana's side.

TSM/Chelsea Rose

And quickly made her way over to me to say hello where I tried (emphasis on tried) to snap a quick picture. This is what I ended up with instead

TSM/Chelsea Rose

Absolutely adorable.

The start of her life, however, was not. Lucy is among many animals currently at the SPCA of SW Michigan that came from a puppy mill situation. She's nearly ready for adoption but has a few other medical needs that will be taken care of first. Katie says she expects she'll be ready to adopt next week if you're interested.

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If Lucy isn't the right dog for you please check out all of the other animals available for adoption right now at the SPCA. They're getting a little crowded and don't want to turn anyone away. So, if you've been debating on whether or not to add a new family member to your life...this might be your sign to just do it! You can find adoptable animals either on the SPCA's website or Facebook page.

Keep in mind, you can also foster. The SPCA provides the medical care and food, you provide the love and socialization so they're ready for their forever homes. If you're interested in fostering or volunteering at the shelter you can find more information here.

A Reminder Before You Go:

The SPCA is hosting a kitten and puppy shower this weekend! It's a family friendly and covid friendly event with games, prizes and tours of the shelter. It's free to attend but they ask that you bring a puppy or kitten related item to donate because that's what it's all about! Springtime is baby animal season and they need all the help they can get. You can find details for the puppy/kitten shower happening this weekend below:

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