We've spoken recently about the most satisfying part about Michigan winters is being able to kick the snow boogers off our car. You know, those chunks of ice formed from the snow that gets trapped under and behind your tires. It no doubt is a satisfying feeling knocking one of those bad boys off. Word to the wise, "kicking the "Tire Turds" off of someone else's vehicle could lead to getting punched in the icicles.  Not to mention, you could accidentally damage their car or even break a toe.

Speaking of icicles, let's talk about the other most satisfying thing to do in winter, smashing icicles. Now some icicles are just asking to get knocked off, usually small insignificant ones. But when you discover a large one, you want to see just how big it can get. Check out the one on my house and take a look at some other icicles around the area, and comment on our Facebook post with yours, as I'll be adding more over time. Biggest one wins:

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Huge House Icicles In Kalamazoo

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