There are many companies doing what they have to do in order to stay in business, and one company in particular in west Michigan is doing just that. Goog's Pub & Grub in Holland are now charging everyone who orders a meal from their establishment a small "Covid-19" fee, which was said to cover the expenses being poured into products during the pandemic. The controversy came as a bit of a shock to people who were not expecting extra money to be tacked on to their bill.

The idea behind it is simple. As more places continue to be closed and as products are becoming harder to get, the price for them has gone up because demand has gone up. It's simple economics. So in order to cover the increased money being put into the product, they've added the charge to cover themselves to stay afloat. You have to be able to turn a profit.

To me, it really isn't that big of a deal. There are delivery services that charge a fee on every delivery in order to keep their company alive, and people pay that without even realizing it most likely. Times are tough for everyone and I can understand how those going through a financially struggling time would think this is taking advantage of a situation, and they have a right not to shop or dine at a business that they feel is exploiting that vulnerability. Below are some of the reactions some locals gave to the story.

Locals React To Restaurant's Covid-19 Charge

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