The phrase, “everything old is new again” has never been truer, especially when it comes to Christmas items. Between clothing, furniture, and Knick knacks, more people are starting to value and appreciate vintage items. One local woman living in Colon, Michigan is somewhat of a connoisseur of vintage interior and design and is having a special Christmas sale today on her Instagram. The sale includes vintage Christmas decor which is in great condition. You can check out some of the items that are up for sale here:

Vintage Sale

This seller is extremely reliable and trustworthy, and her items up for sale range in price depending on the condition and value of her items. But this is a great way to shop for one of a kind Christmas decorations that you’ll never find in a store, and for so little money. This is not her first vintage Christmas sale and definitely won’t be her last. Make sure you follow her Instagram and get notifications so you can keep an eye on her next sale.

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