There are few things more eerie than a loud, unidentified siren heard late in the night. That's exactly what happened recently in one suburban Kalamazoo neighborhood.

A video recording of the siren was shared recently on the Kalamazoo subreddit and sounded like this:

The siren noise was captured near the Al Sabo Land Preserve located along Texas Drive between Portage and Texas Corners, a park that was also recently vandalized with graffiti.

Commenters on reddit gave a few possible explanations for the siren. Is it a tornado siren test? Likely not that late in the evening. Tests are generally held middays on Saturdays.

It could be a home alarm from a nearby house.

Or it could be an alarm related to water pumping activities:

Al Sabo is a major well field for the city's water supply. I'm betting this is one of the pumping stations sounding an alarm.

Whatever it is, it's certainly not a sound you want to hear on a late night.

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