So, what's the deal with the kid holding the "Looking for a Girlfriend" sign in Paw Paw?

Earlier this month Nick Weston posted a picture in the Paw Paw Now and Then of a young guy holding up a handwritten sign advertising his availability.  My first thought is, maybe he's done with the apps.  Tinder is a meat market.  Then you have all of those in-app purchased on Bumble.  Let's face it folks.  It's 2020.  He's not exactly going to bump into any ladies looking for romance at a social event.

This photo left me with a few questions.  Luckily, we found guy in the picture.  His name is Ciaran.  He's an 18-year-old Mattawan student that resides in Texas Corners.  He just moved here from Ireland in 2017.  I would think all he needed was a megaphone.  The accent would have gotten him a lady friend with a quickness.

The facebook post got lots of attention with comments like,

Diane: "I'm looking for a boyfriend"

Mary: "How old is he?? I have a beautiful, single almost 24 year old!"

Cathleen: "My sweet, adorable, unique, talented, funny, romantic, out of the box thinking, hard working nephew! I love him to pieces!!"

Well, I have an update.  Ciaran has retired the sign as he has found himself a girlfriend.  Best of luck buddy.

Ciaran Byrne
Ciaran Byrne


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