Celebration! Cinema Has Some Great Must See Movies Opening This Weekend

The Summer movies are getting better and better this year. Here are flicks opening this weekend...

Atomic Blonde

Starring: Charlize Theron and James McAvoy

Rated R - violence, language, some sexuality and nudity

IMDb.com describes the movie as...

"An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents."


The Hero

Starring: Sam Elliott, Laura Prepon and Krysten Ritter

Rated R - Drug use, language and some sexual content

IMDb.com describes the movie as...

"An ailing movie star comes to terms with his past and mortality."



The Emoji Movie

Starring: Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnett and Albert Finney

Rated  PG - Rude Humor

IMDb.com describes the movie as...

"Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji."


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