Now that Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and pączki season are behind us many West Michigan residents are observing the Lenten season and the traditions that go along with it. Though many Catholics abstain from eating meat every Friday year-round, the majority of members typically avoid meat only on Fridays during the period from Ash Wednesday to Easter, which falls on March 2- April 17 of this year.

Is fish technically considered meat? That's a debate for another time! During the Lenten season you will see an increase of community organizations and churches offering a Friday fish fry throughout this time period. In fact, reports claim 23% of all McDonald's Filet-o-Fish sales occur during the Lenten season. I definitely fall within that number as I look forward to my annual consumption of a Filet-o-Fish during this time also.

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Many Kalamazoo residents have asked where to find the best local fish fry in town and here are the answers:

St. Joseph Church - 936 Lake St.

This local parish is the most common response when locals ask about Lenten fish fries. Run by the Knights of Columbus, the first two fish fries of the season will be to-go only. The parish says they will re-evaluate dine-in options in the coming weeks, but plans to offer meals through April 8 from 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Louie's Corner Bar - Downtown Kalamazoo, Texas Corners

Louie's is rolling out a Lenten menu at both of their Kalamazoo-area locations. Their selection of Bluegill, beer-battered Cod, and Walleye baskets are available every day of the week- not just Fridays! They're also offering a crab rangoon pizza which definitely piques my interest.

Roxie's Breakfast and Lunch - 4010 Gull Road

The Lenten menu at Roxie's will drop on Friday, March 4 and includes jumbo lump crab cake benedicts and sandwiches which feature Old Bay seasoning- a must anytime seafood is involved.

Where do you go for your fish fry fix during Lent?

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