I'm positive that the only reason this is deemed "weird" is because of the location.

Earlier today, my boss showed me a few photos of a cemetery in Battle Creek where the trees all seem to be leaning in one direction. Check them out below:

TSM/ Mary Fork
TSM/ Mary Fork
TSM/ Mary Fork
TSM/ Mary Fork

She wondered why all of these trees were leaning in such a way.

Now, as I wrote at the beginning of this, I'm sure that if this was in a downtown area or along a lake, no one would think twice. But, since it's in an area that can be deemed as spooky, those that believe in the paranormal might have their interests piqued.

While I don't necessarily believe in the paranormal, I am curious as to what would make a group of trees grow at an odd angle.

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What Kind of Trees Are They?

A GREAT question. One I wish I could answer confidently. But, despite scrolling through dozens of photos of Michigan's trees, studying tree identification charts, and even watching a couple of videos, I'm still not sure.

I'm leaning (no pun intended) toward a cedar tree of some kind. But, again, don't take that as fact.

Mainly, I wanted to know if there was a certain kind of tree that naturally grew in a leaning position. But, I can't find anything to credit that.

What Would Cause the Trees to Lean?

Leaning trees happen all the time in nature. There can be a number of factors that contribute to the odd angle of growth. They include:

  • Wind. Even low winds can cause a tree to grow in the direction they're blowing
  • Light. Plants tend to grow toward their light source and trees are no exception.
  • Death or disease. Wouldn't that be ironic in this case? A tree that has been showing signs of sickness may suddenly start to lean if the root system becomes compromised.

You can read more from sfgate.com.

Judging by the pictures my boss took, these trees look healthy. So, I don't think they're dying. It has to be that they're growing toward their light source, right?

Either that or we need to send a paranormal team over there ASAP to check it out.

There is quite a history behind the Reese Cemetery and those who rest there. Check out a video from Michael Delaware diving into all of the information below:

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