Customers call police and the responding officer wants nothing to do with it.

Columbus, Ohio customers got quite the surprise this weekend while trying to get their caffeine fix at a local Starbucks drive-thru.  A fairly large snake was enjoying the unseasonably warm day.  There are no reports on what kind of snake it was.  However, in the police body cam video a woman mentions a couple times that she thinks it is a python.

When a customer asked the responding officer "what should we do with it?"  He responded, "I don't know.  If we get it in that thing that would be awesome," as he directed the customers to place the snake into a box.

Listen, police officers are people too.  But you have to admit it's funny how clearly freaked out this officer is of the snake as he directs others and stays back.

There's no word on how the snake got there or what they did with it.

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