The old adage is true. Everything, eventually, comes back into style.

If you've been paying attention to social media or, really, just people out in the wild, you might have noticed that the ever-so-popular 80s mullet haircut has come back into style. And, honestly, I'm not going to complain. A lot of people look amazing with mullets.

Apparently, Tiktok heard me the last time I said this out loud because, lo-and-behold, the Mother of Mullets recently popped up on my feed.

That's not a dig at her particular hairstyle. That's what she calls herself. Well, Mother Mullet to be precise.

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Mother Mullet, or @ashleymedinahair on Tiktok, is a curly hair specialist and, as her description says, she's also obsessed with mullets. Before you judge, take a look at this transformation:

It works, right?

Working out of Bliss Hair Studio in Lansing, Mother Mullet doesn't just do mullets. Through her Tiktok account, she also shares tips for curly-haired humans. Like, how to get more curl definition:

Or, what kind of cut to ask for if you want a less-demanding hairstyle:

But, her main focus, and true love, is the mullet. I'm not going to lie, she makes people look so good in the mullet style that I'm considering driving over to Lansing to give it a try.

Of course, you don't have to want a mullet to visit Mother Mullet for a style. As a fellow curly-haired human, finding a stylist who understands how to cut and style curly hair can be challenging. Whatever you're looking for, if you're interested in vising Mother Mullet for a haircut, you can find her booking information here.

We are always looking for unique, interesting, or hilarious humans to feature for Tiktok Tuesday. We like to focus on people in Michigan. If you have someone in mind, you can nominate them below:

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