A free, inclusive bridal show has just been announced in the Lansing area.

If you've gotten married or had a friend that got married anytime within the last 20 years, you've probably attended a bridal show or two. Heck, the town where I grew up was so small that the annual bridal show was a very big deal.

It's a chance for those tying the knot in the near future to get a better idea of decorations, local DJs that are available, catering ideas, and anything you can think of that's associated with a wedding.

In the spirit of inclusivity and to make sure those in the LGBTQ and POC communities feel comfortable, an all-inclusive bridal show will be held in Lansing this August.

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About the Bridal Show

Hosted by The Studio at 414 and Beauty & Bridal By Tealheart LLC, the show will take place on Sunday, August 27th from 2-5 pm.

According to the Facebook event page,

This bridal shows main focus is to provide a welcoming and judgement free space for all LGBTQ+ and POC community persons to find like minded bridal vendors to make their special day the complete dream they have always envisioned it would be.

The best part about the show is that it's free to all who would like to attend.

And, even if you're not getting married in the next year or so, attending a bridal show (or Wedding Expo) can be fun and inspiring for your big day should you decide to get married.

If you are getting married for the first time, I understand that planning can be overwhelming. Attending a show with tons of vendors can also be overwhelming. But, as per usual, there's a Youtube video for that.

Check out the dos and don'ts of a bridal show below:

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