This video is unbelievable. And, unfortunately, we don't have a real explanation of what is happening just yet.

A video out of the Lansing area is going viral on Tiktok thanks to the unfolding chaos caught on camera.

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The video, below, shows a white SUV doing circles, s-shapes, and speeding up and down a busy road:

Another person captured the incident from a different angle:

The caption on that video claims there were multiple cars hit, traffic backups, and that the police eventually had to stop the driver by running into the car. All of that is plausible. Unfortunately, the only piece of news that I could find that might be related to this specific traffic incident is from which simply says,

According to authorities, police received calls of a reckless driver at about 2:30 p.m. and when officers responded to the area, the suspect driver fled. Shortly after, there was a collision between the suspect’s vehicle and a Lansing police cruiser near the intersection of Waverly Road and Grand River Avenue. Further details were not revealed at the time.

See the full story here.

What Could Be Happening

There are several reasons why this driver could be acting like this.

  1. A medical episode. A person experiencing a medical emergency or medical episode may appear to act erratically behind the wheel
  2. A mental health episode. In the same sense, a person experiencing a mental health emergency could have trouble behind the wheel of a car at that moment
  3. A domestic violence incident. Unfortunately, domestic violence is still very real in our country. In fact, one of the signs of domestic violence is being subjected to aggressive or reckless driving while riding as a passenger.

As always, if you happen to encounter a dangerous situation while driving on the road, make sure you dial 911 immediately. You never know what might be happening.

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