Watch your tongue this New Year...

The  2020 selections for Lake Superior State University'45th annual Banished Words List or, over-used and general uselessness, has been released!

Here are the words in 2020 that Lake Superior University requests that we  stop using...

  • Literally
  • I mean
  • Living my best life
  • Mouthfeel: A word used by foodies to describe the texture of food or drink in the mouth
  • Chirp:  This one is a new insult for the non-millennials on the committee. Before we get chirped for being out of touch, as our nominator suggests, why don’t we leave it to the birds?
  • Jelly: An abbreviation of “jealous,” the committee agrees with the nominator of this word who suggested that it’s better left for toast.
  • Totes: Another abbreviation, this time of “totally.”
  • Vibe / vibe check: A new use of the 60s term, “good vibes.”
  • OK, Boomer: This phrase caught on late this year on the Internet as a response from millennials to the older generation.

New year, new words or sayings to burn out!

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