Move over Wright Brothers, we're floating over here.

Sure, it was pretty impressive when the Wright Brothers flew the first aircraft in 1903.  But, did they invent a cork suit that would make the human body buoyant?  Nope!

Kerry Haulotte is a 64-year-old Chicago resident who spent 130 hours creating this cork suit with over 1,150 corks and a whole lot of patience.  Haulotte recently took his cork suit out for a spin, or should I say maiden voyage?

I would have held off until next summer when the water temperature was a little warmer.  But, I'm not a corkin' genius like he is.

So, how'd the first float turn out?  The cork suit inventor gave this feedback to,

It performed flawlessly and has been going ever since.

He must be very proud of his accomplishment after spending a total of three years working on his floating project.  Want to see it in action?  Check out the video from USA Today below.

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Now that Kerry has completed his cork suit project, I'm hoping he can come up with a clever, inexpensive, and effective way to remove pet hair from my home and clothing.

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