The annual event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is called Wintefest, and they hold it no matter what the temperatures are, even if they're too warm, it turns out, to support vehicles parked on the lake.

Several cars took the slow plunge into the southern Wisconsin lake Saturday (Feb 6, 2016) during Winterfest.

According to Milwaukee's WTMJ, about two dozen cars were trapped on the ice,

"We heard on the loudspeaker that anyone that had their cars on the ice, their cars were sinking," Watertown's Matthew Demko said. "Me and my friend Jason came walking back and we seen that the water was over our tires. We said, 'Uh uh,' we came running back and got inside of our vehicles and they said, 'Hey get away from the cars,' and we said no."
Parking is scarce in the area, so officials allowed people to park on the ice.

Several videos show the precarious situation the cars faced.

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